new See D’s stamps

I got some new See D’s stamps from  Brenda at Scrapbox today and they are awesome, check them out at Scrapbox and get some before she sells out. they are really great and so inexpensive.

Might give them ago tomorrow, i was going to do a layout this afternoon but madam decided she wouldnt have an afternoon nap, she was up and down like a yoyo. She finally went to sleep at 3 then woke up as soon as the kids got home at 4. Last night she woke at 4am soaked through, bed and all and with a snuffly nose and slight temperture so she ended up in bed with me and drifted back off about 5am, she snores like a trouper lol and i have bruises where she kicked me wee darling! I had almost forgotten this part of having small fries, I use to discourage the boys from climbing into bed with me because they were wigglers both of them but i enjoy snuggling up to Katie, even when she wiggles.

Anyway now I am tired and want to stay up to watch Big Love tonight. its the start of a new series and i dont want to miss it.

anyway back to Coro st, doesnt that David kid give you the creeps?????


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