kids are funny

most toddlers would get excited about a new toy or lollies wouldnt they? Not my daughter, she gets excited about a new toothbrush! We were at the Warehouse yesterday and she was getting grumpy and grizzly as they do when your busy and then i remebered she needed a new toothbrush since she tends to carry them around the house and i am sick of searching, so i picked up a pretty pink one with tweety on it and she hugged it and played and giggled all the rest of the way around the warehouse. And when we got home she showed her new toothbrush off so proudly to everyone that would look lol. Forget the flash pressies at christmas, i’ll just get her a new toothbrush lol! She must be going to be a dentist lol, shes mad on brushing her teeth. She steals toothbrushes that are left in her reach in the bathroom and we have to put the toothpaste way up high otherwise she will eat it.  The quickest way to stop a tantrum before it starts is to give her a toothbrush with a little toothpaste. shes so funny!


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