happy halloween


according to Jodi this is the scariest costume of all. Char was playing dress up my wedding dress last night while Jodi at work!
she couldnt get it done up, i was sooooo skinny when i got married. i had forgotten how little i was way back then, but then it was almost 20 years and 3 kids ago lol.
it was cute to watch char flounce around and Katie hiding under the skirt lol.
its been a quiet few days with both the kids working, Jodi sleeps most of the day so most of the time its just me and Katie. After the last month of having the kids around its very strange having just the 2 of us. nice but strange.
i am hoping to get more scrapbooking done but havent managed it yet, been to busy rearranging the house and stuff. i have a thing about rearranging furniture. this morning it was the lounge, tomorrow its my bedroom.
anyway Steve just got home so i better spend some quality time with him while Katie is still snoozing.


One thought on “happy halloween

  1. Hannah says:

    I bet Jodi was scared – a girlfriend trying on wedding dresses would send shivers down the spine of most young guys! LOL.

    You sound like my mum when it comes to rearranging furniture – she’s always doing it and my boys always say “oh no, Nana has moved all our stuff AGAIN!” when they go to play at her house! 🙂

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