new message board you have just gotta join

Scrapbox has finally got its own message board and gallery and its going to be awesome, go take a look and if it looks like a place you want to be join and let me know so I can let Brenda know, she gives $5 for each person i recommend and if you recommend friends….well you can see what can happen….i tell 2 friends….they tell 2 friends and so on and so on (and if your of a certain age you will no doubt remember that advert!) it not only builds up the community which means more people to share with, its going to be great.

Besides hanging out at Scrapbox i have been enjoying a brand new lease of life now that the Humira is really starting to kick in. I am feeling so much better and although i still tire easily and dont have full mobility in some joints i am definitely improving and fast. I can even keep up with Katie is small bursts.

As for the kids…well Char is working full time at Pak n Sav and Jodi is going hard out to find something, hes at an interview right now at the freezing works, not glamorous but it pays well. And if he doesnt get a job soon he wont need one, either Char or I will murder him lol….men are so annoying when they are bored and moody….man i had forgotten how moody that boy of mine could get. As lovely as it is to have him home hes so much hard work! i thought they were suppose to get easier as they get older….if anything hes got harder! the sooner he gets a job the happier everyone in the house will be.

anyway thats me this week…..oh except for the drama of the laptop…..had to reformatte after it decided that it didnt want to burn dvd’s or stop crashing. luckily i managed to save everything of importance and its much happier now its nice and clean and fresh….call it spring cleaning, it is the first format its had since i brought it last year.


2 thoughts on “new message board you have just gotta join

  1. Hannah says:

    Ooh, I love shopping at Scrapbox so I’ll definitely check out the MB. I probably won’t be able to stay *really* active on another one, but hopefully I’d get time to pop in now and then.

    Sorry to hear about the laptop dramas … at least it’s all sorted now.

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