so lazy

i have been lazy with my blog lately but it seems there is endless demand on my time and the odd chance i get to sit down i forget to blog lol…not so much lazy as busy.

on the upside my energy levels are slowly increasing thanks to this new injection. and the pain is slowly subsiding too which is a major plus!

and my baby boy is home! Jodi arrived home on Saturday. its so good to have him home, he has matured but not changed, still as sweet and funny and crazy as always lol. and more tattoos than before but i expect that of him. its part of who he is, my very own wild child

I’ve just returned from Richmond and i am worn out. seems i cant go shopping for more than an hour without getting totally worn out but i did pick up some cool scrapbooking bits from the $2 shop so thats a bonus. Not that i have done a lot of scrapbooking lately, in fact i have only managed one layout in 2 weeks. but i did discover this morning that i can cut kwik double sided adhesive paper on my cricut which is cool because now i can make some funky titles for a few of the layouts i have in mind. I have a whole brand new SBO kit to use, with the coolest papers and some really neat embellishments including some heidi swapp clear butterflies that should be fun to use.

but right now…..i am going to have a cuppa and play little people with Katie. cya


One thought on “so lazy

  1. Hannah says:

    So nice to hear an update from you! I know what it’s like, trying to find time for everything. Blogging should be low on the priority list so need to apologise.
    It must be nice for you to have your boy home. And I’m glad you are feeling a bit better too.

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