good news bad news

YAY I am on the injection to make me normalish….cant say normal cos i never have been. I went to see the Rheumatoid Nurse today after a blood test and I am illegible to get this Humira injection which should make life so much better all going well. I have to wait to get confirmation that i am approved and get the prescription which should happen tomorrow. then once i have the injections i have to take it back to the RA nurse and she will show me how to inject myself which is the bad part because i hate needles and the thought of injecting myself makes me feel a little ill but the alternative makes me feel a lot worse and i dare say i will get use to it.

so i am feeling good as well as feeling like shyt because of the lack of my normal pills and the extra amount of pain and fuzzy headedness that comes from to much codeine….which always makes me fuzzy round the edges. Things are going to get better now….no more battling with this illness. {note the little happy dance, which i will be doing for real as soon as i can}

 on other news, I was just flicking through the Scrapbook Essentials Forum and so many people are not going to finish the ultimate challenge. the last layout is due tonight and there are a lot pulling out which amazes me, why start the race if you dont plan to finish it? i got my layout in on Friday knowing I would be down and out this week and even then i was in pain but still managed to get it done. I did put in a post telling the ladies that if i could do while battling a flare surely they could get it done but i think that insulted a few of them. I am sorry if it did but its true….i honestly feel if you really want to do something you find a way. I may have no way of winning but that’s not an excuse to give up, its about finishing what you start. To me this competition has been so inspiring and made me scrap at times when i normally wouldn’t bother and really push myself and explore my creativity, its been great and i have really enjoyed it.


2 thoughts on “good news bad news

  1. Hannah says:

    Glad you are on the injection and feeling a bit better, Vicky! I’m sure injecting yourself will be difficult at first but no doubt it gets easier with time. You’ll be fine!

    As for the forum, I guess sometimes people have their own personal reasons for having to say “no” to things … but I admire the fact that you did yours even though you were in pain. Looking forward to seeing all the layouts tommorrow!

  2. gypsykate says:

    thanks Hannah, i get the first one tomorrow…in a way i cant wait but on the other hand…i hate needles lol…but 2 seconds of pain is nothing compared to a lifetime is it?

    it was great to see so many awesome layouts at SE this morning, good luck Hannah

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