well so far so bad…or is that good? hmmm not sure. I feel terrible but cheerful does that make sense? I hurt all over but knowing its in a good cause has made it bearable, well that and copious amounts of codeine. the neausa is dying down and so are the headaches though i dont know how much is due to the codiene and how much is the pills getting out of my system. as for the rest of my body, hmmmmmm wellllll…..hips feel like they belong to a 90 year old, back and ankles feel like someone has stuffed broken glass into the joints and my fingers…well i think someone has a voodoo doll and is sticking red hot  needles into it.

besides that….I FEEL GOOD….lol! Katie has a lovely new habit of climbing on me and digging her little knees into my hip while i am lying on the couch which helps soooo much. poor baby, she doesnt understand that mummy hurts. She has been all unsettled the last few days and very cuddly and actually giving me kisses which she hardly ever does. She’s such a wee darling, even when shes been a wee terror like she was this afternoon, she waited until Mum was out of the room then decided to tip a glass of water all over the floor, draw over mums diary and attempt to pull my laptop off the table all in the space of about 2 mintues….she knows i can’t move fast or at the moment barely at all she took advantage though i am sure she doesnt think like that. Luckily it was only water and it was chalk she drew with and she didnt manage to get the laptop off but did mange to open about 50 windows, i have no idea how she managed that one. so no harm done, could be worse.

anyway time for more codeine and bed for me. Have a good night all


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