OMG I can see a light!

well i went to see the darling David Porter my specialist today and would you believe he smiled when he told me i needed to be in full flare to get on this inhibitor injection. why does he always smile when i am in pain? sadist lol! so now he has stopped the latest drug which was making me really sick and generally miserable and taken away the prednisone which is the most hated of all the drugs in my box of goodies (and trust me their are all hated), as they have some serious side effects that are making me balloon up like an elephant. when i went on to prednisone when i was first diagnosed in November last year i was 75 kg….now i am….well alot more than that…i weight more than i did when i was 8 months pregnant with Katie which is soooo depressing. there are some other serious side effects like liver damage and kidney damage which i cant aford to have because i only have one kidney.

Soooooo anywayyyyy back to the subject in hand….it costs some astronomical amount for this injection which is why its so hard to get on, which is why i have had to try everything else first. But now i am at a point where nothing else has worked and if this works i will get my life back. it has an 80% success rate and David really thinks it will work for me. SOOOO now i face a weekend of withdrawl from the prentisone which translate to mega pain! Yay something to look forward tooo…..I dont think! but at least i know what to expect and there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel which has been pitch black for so long. of course there are side affects but not nearly as many or as bad as what i have been dealing with and i get to ditch most of the rest of the pills as well which will leave me with 4 a week instead of 9 to 11 a day.

I wont even know for sure if i will be going on it til tuesday or wednesday next week, meantime i get to withdrawl from the pills and suffer….i have had a trial run off prednisone before and i regress pretty bloody quickly but at least this time i know its coming and can plan ahead, and make sure i have plenty of codeine on hand.

and in prepration i have i done a few things that needed to be done before i go downhill ad one of those things was getting this weeks challenge done and it sort of took on a life of its own lol….but i like it….its pretty. I was really happy that it came together. and i got to use the new junkitz paints which are gorgeusssss…the colours are delish! I found somewhere where you can have a look at 2scrappy chix designs take a peek…you’ll fall in love.

anyway time i went to bed, popped a couple of codeine before and now i am going a bit gagaa lol….have a good weekend one and all…..and i will keep you posted about the medical dramas of me lol niters


3 thoughts on “OMG I can see a light!

  1. Hannah says:

    Well, that is really good news! I’m glad you are going to be able to reduce your meds, and especially the prednisone. I’m not surprised that you hated it! Here’s hoping that the withdrawal is not TOO bad and that you can get on the new injection soon, with excellent results! 🙂

  2. arthritissymptom says:

    I understand you delima. This is common among arthritis patients. You have to stand up for you medical rights. You are in control of your health care not your doctor. If you do not like his decisions or attitude tell him. Here is an article I think may help you get the quality of health care you deserve.

    Keeping a Medical Journal Can Improve Your Health Care


  3. gypsykate says:

    thanks to you both. Hannah, I hope your feeling better. Rusty thanks for the info, my specialist is great, really supportive. the medical system in New Zealand is very different from the states and a lot of things depend on Government funding which involves endless processes and paperwork before the most basic descisions can be made. I do plan to use your idea for a medical journal though, i wish i had of thought of that last year when i first got sick.
    thanks again both of you. Hannah i dont know where i would be without your wonderful positive comments, you always lift me up.

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