scrapbook supplies going unchecked

I really must be sick….I just realised I havent even finished unpacking this months SBO monthly kit yet! And this month i brought the embellishment add-on with the yummiest Junkitz paints ever. And everything is still sitting in the box on my desk hardly touched. I have had a shuffle through but I just feel lousey still so I havent felt up to having a good play.

But on the upside….Tomorrow morning i get to see my lovely specialist and finally find out wth is wrong with me and why these pills hate me so much. With any luck this time tomorrow I will be feeling a lot better. From what the specialist said on the phone yesterday he was kind of hoping this would happen because he really wants me to go on this injection, he seems to think that it would be the right thing for me. I hope he’s right. Well nothing else has worked.

But enough moaning…..doesnt get you anywhere does it….I actually did have a look at the SBO kit and its got 2 of the coolest hambley transparencys in there that i cant wait to use! might have to use them in the next SE challenge, or is it wrong to use goods from one place in a comp at another place? hmmmmm i dont suppose it really matter. I just got a few new goodies from Maz off trademe too…..yummmm

anyway dinner time, ttfn 🙂


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