Ultimate Challenge LO

gypsykate LO 5 both together, originally uploaded by gypsykate.

now this weeks challenge has been judged i can post my LO. I love this layout, i would almost go as far to say its the best i have ever done so I was a bit disappointed when i didnt even get a spot prize this week. not that the ones that did win didnt deserve it, they were all fab but i worked so hard on this one that i am starting to doubt my scapping abilities.
maybe its because my style is different than everyone elses but isnt that part of being a scrapper? being orginal?
oh well I give up…I enjoy scrapping and if other people dont like my style thats not my problem, as long as i like it nothing else matters. Who cares if i dont use “the latest style” i use my own style and thats more important!
and this weeks challenge will be more of my own unique style!

I hope Hannah wins the Ultimate Challenge, shes one of the top 3 and i love her layouts. So go hard Hannah and take it out!!


3 thoughts on “Ultimate Challenge LO

  1. Hannah says:

    Vicky, you are soooo sweet!! That is so lovely of you to say that you hope I win! I’m thinking I don’t have much of a chance since I’m 5 points behind the runner-up and 6 points behind the leader. But I have had fun with the whole comp. I hope you have enjoyed it too … I can definitely understand your disappointment at not winning a spot prize. I really really loved your layout this week, it is so unique and original and for that reason it really stood out to me. I love the title and how it fits perfectly with the cards. Please don’t feel despondent … you are right about scrapping because you love it and you love your style. Don’t change what is “you” just because you think that’s what people want to see. They are not the ones who will be looking through your albums in 30, 40, 50 years time. I know it is lovely to win and receive praise and accolades, but each time I am rejected (I got turned down for a DT last week) I feel a bit like you’ve mentioned. But then I pick myself up and say “stuff it!!” and remember that I’m scrapping because A) I love to be creative, B) I enjoy it!! and C) I’m preserving precious memories for my family. None of that requires winning comps or getting published or being on DTs. Those are “icing on the cake” I suppose.
    Chin up, hon! Your work is lovely and you are doing what makes you happy so keep it up!!! 🙂

  2. Christi says:

    Ditto what Hannah said, Vicky! Honestly no one knows why people are picked and why others are overlooked. Some of it is a name. And I don’t care who says it’s not, it is. Most of the time someone has an idea of who they want to see there and that’s who gets there. Or someone who has made a name for themselves ends up where others should be only because of their name. So really it’s hit and miss in NZ. And I would think that most are picked on instant reaction whatever that may be. You will get there. It’s all a matter of time. I remember competing in things thinking mine was the best but when I look back to two years ago when I was competing, I can see that it wasn’t. But you grow from every layout you do and as long as you are willing to expand and learn more you will be the best you can be!!! I really liked this layout and love the concept!!! So much so I might have to nip it for myself 😉 The cards were a fabulous idea and that alone requires ‘props’ lol 😉 So hand in there, Vicky, it is good enough and just remember something even better will come along 😉 This is what gets me through 🙂

  3. gypsykate says:

    thanks ladies, i have to admite i get down after entering comp after comp and getting no where…oh well…i can but try. thanks for the encouragement and Christi, nip away, it would be a real compliment 🙂

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