I just remebered

I got tagged by a few people over the last few months and havent got round to it and since i just thought about it….here it is

7 random things about me

  1. i love Anne McCafferey books and have read the entire Pern series….most of them several times (right now reading Dragon Quest for the 4th time)
  2. I want a cat, this is the first time in my life I can remeber that I havent had a cat. Its been almost 2 years since my last cat Scooter went mad and ran away. I love cats
  3. I have a slipper obsession, I have multitudes of pairs of slippers….
  4. I am addicated to trademe, I spend way to much time and money there
  5. The friend I have had the best communication with since moving to Nelson last year is someone I have never met, my email pal Oakley who has been a really good friend for over 2 years but we have never physically met! weird huh? Even weirder when you think that he lived a suburb over from me when I lived in New Plymouth!
  6. I looooovvvveeeeeee Savage Garden and most of all Darren Hayes…he may be gay but he has the voice of an angel and is gorgeussssss.
  7.  I love fairy art, particularly Amy Brown fairy art. funky fairy art.

so there you go…7 random things about me…..now consider yourself tagged…..and Have FUN


2 thoughts on “I just remebered

  1. Karen says:

    I’m a huge Pern fan too Vicky. And I’m rapt that Todd has started a new series. I pretty much enjoy all the series that McCaffery writes but not the ones where she writes with other people.

  2. Hannah says:

    Great list, Vicky! I always enjoy reading these and learning new things about people 🙂
    I’ve already done this tag so I won’t do it again. They are fun to do though!

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