should be scrapping

I should be in my lovely scrapbook room scrapping but am being slack! Katie is asleep, Steve has gone to a friends place and I have 2 challenges to complete now. One from Scrapbook Essentials for the ultimate challenge, this week its all about technique and I know what i want to do, just gotta go do it. And the other challenge is for Scrapbooking By Design’s monthly challenge, this will be the first i have done there, I joined the forum yesterday, and jumped straight into the challenge which is all about felt, sequins, and beads which sounds like fun and i have until the end of the month to finish it.

So with these challenges to do what am I doing? watching Stargate SG1 and thinking about doing what i am suppose to…like the challenges…..clean my wardrobe….clean my supply cupboard in my scraproom (yes its still waiting) you know…all those things i should be doing and dont want too right now.  Maybe later…


One thought on “should be scrapping

  1. Hannah says:

    Good luck with both those challenges … I’m sure you’ll find some time to get onto them soon!

    I should be scrapping too but I’ve got blogs to read and then I’ll be watching the All Blacks!! 🙂

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