new and improved



From this chaos, cramped, unworkable space 

scraproom 1










To pure bliss, not  a clear photo but what a difference


so much room! it took Steve and I about 2 hours to build the desk, most of that was finding the right tools and trying to find the studs to screw the brackets into.  The top fitted so tightly that another milimeter longer and it wouldnt have fitted at all, it didnt even need to be screwed down.

Steve put the shelves up this morning for me, one holds the monitor for his computer (TG for LCD screens lol) and the other 2 were suppose to be for the printer and cricut but i dont have enough faith in them for that as they arent overly strong so i might have to go back to Mitre 10 next week and get a couple more shelves that can go above the monitor shelf.

Now all I need to do is clean out the cupboard and get rid of the junk and then i will have heaps of room to store everything. And I also need to hang the dowel i got for hanging tools etc off, thats going to run underneath the big shelves.

I love this space now, i can sit there and not feel like everything is crowding in on me. I havent done much scrapbooking lately because i hated that space, it was such chaos!

let me know any ideas you have, its always good to have more input. Now i am off to enjoy my space and start working on the SE challenge.


3 thoughts on “new and improved

  1. Karen says:

    What a devastatingly efficient looking workspace Vicky. And now you can enjoy that superb view from your window with nothing in the way. Well done to both of you. Now if you’d like to pop around to my place this weekend…

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