yay in with time to spare

I cant believe it! i have actually got the lastest layout out for the SE challenge done and uploaded a day before the deadline! and not only do i actually like the layout its incrediably simple, no embellishments or added extras at all. very very simple. but you will have to wait until Wednesday to see it at the great unveiling lol. will post a link then.

I have to admite i had a little help. I had to get Steve to outline the letters thanks to this flippin flare up holding a pen and stopping my hands from shaking was just not working. I hope thats not against the rules…must check with Meg. I did do all the rest myself so I dont think it will matter. Better email her now and ask.

the RA has been really kicking me around lately, I have been down for over a week and am exhausted. and so sore. but i have an appointment with my favourite specialist David Porter tomorrow…hes a doll…the nicest and best looking specialist i have ever come across lol…hes a sweetheart even if he does like to make me take even more pills and pushes all the painful parts…suppose its his job.

anyway best away and email meg. laters


2 thoughts on “yay in with time to spare

  1. Hannah says:

    Great job getting it done early! Sounds like a very cool layout, can’t wait to see it.
    Sorry to hear your RA is bad the moment … I hope today is a better day for you.

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