another baby hurt

i was just reading on Stuff about a little 5 week old babe thats had both arms broken in Christchurch. thats yet another little angel thats been damaged. What is wrong with this country if we cant even look after our most important assets? it just makes me so angry, i cant imagine why anyone would hurt such a tiny baby. If anyone hurt Katie i would kill them, hell if anyone so much as lifted a hand against her i would murder them. People that dont look after their children shouldnt be aloud to have them, there should be some sort of test. when i think of all those poor people that cant have children and long for them and then there are these bastards who have children and just abuse them and dont give them the love and saftey all children deserve!! ohhhhh it just makes me so mad!!!
ok off my soap box. all this anger is not good for my poor ol bod….as i tend to say to everyone else…just breath! 🙂 I have been flaring for almost 2 weeks and its driving me mad…I want my body back!!! NOW…patients has never really been one of my good points lol


2 thoughts on “another baby hurt

  1. Hannah says:

    I agree, it is very sad. I think a lot of those parents need education about parenting before they have kids … but sadly that doesn’t happen 😦

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