ultimate challenge LO 2

talk about a rush job sigh…the plan with in my head all week but i was just not up to much and couldnt get into it this week. i planned to get it finished yesterday and got as far as printing the photos and painting some chipboard with no idea what colour scheme i was going for at all.

then this morning Katie went to playcentre for the first time (tear šŸ˜¦ my baby is growing up) so that was the morning shot, and i had a meeting with Karen from the arthritis foundation this afternoon so that was most of the afternoon shot. so I sneaked in an hour when i got home to throw together a rush job while Steve kept one tired wee Katie entertained since she refused to sleep and he had a half day at school (which of course i forgot about sigh) but most importantly i got it done and uploaded and now i can relax a little.

and back to Katies first playcenter day….ohhhh its come way to soon for my liking! but she loved it, because she is under 2 and a half i will have to stay with her but thats no hardship. she loves it…the moment we walked in the door she was off and exploring. so much to do and so much to see lol…and lots of people her size! so i have enrolled her for one morning a week which will do to start off with.Ā  now i am exhausted and so is she but she would not have a sleep this afternoon no matter how hard we tried. i left her with Mum while i went to my appointment and thought she would be sound asleep by the time i got back but nope…she was to excited after her busy morning and now shes just a complete bundle of delight! lol so i better go and entertain her til dinner time


One thought on “ultimate challenge LO 2

  1. Hannah says:

    Sorry you didn’t get much time for the challenge! Sounds like a few people were rushed this week :-0
    Glad to hear Katie enjoyed playcentre. Sounds like she had fun!

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