Ulitimate Challenge LO 1

finally finished sigh. the plan was in my head but my body was not coperating this week. with the RA playing up and other things going on around here it was a bit of a mission to get time to get it all together. i was doing bits at a time when i could and finally got it finished last night….i would almost say this is the longest it has taken me to complete a layout.
hopefully next week I will be a bit faster. of course now i need to do a clean up of my scraproom again. its always a work in progress…I seriously need a bigger desk so i am in keeping an eye out for a decent one on trademe. doesnt matter what i do through, theres never enough room. it might be small but its mine!


2 thoughts on “Ulitimate Challenge LO 1

  1. Hannah says:

    Hey Vicky, just thought I’d better tell you that we are not allowed to post our layouts on our blogs … if you look under the thread on the forum Meg asked us to refrain from doing so, to make it fair across the board.

    But I’m glad you managed to get it done! 😉

  2. gypsykate says:

    OPPPSSSS! thanks for letting me know Hannah, I removed it fast as i could. should have read properly. I didnt even think about that actually. Thanks again Hannah

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