time to think

the first challenge at SE has been posted, making your own embellishment that goes with the layout. My mind has been going flat out since it was posted yesterday (was it yesterday??? think it was, i wish i could stop forgetting things) and I think I have a good layout in my head. I like making or altering embellishments anyway so this one isnt a major. I thought some felt flowers as well as a big K which I can cut with the cricut and then embellish…I have this awesome photos of Katie laying upside down on her bean bag which i thought i could cut around and make it look like she was laying upside down on the K. sort of arrange her around the K. its in my head and hard to explain so you can either try and picture it or watch this space lol. First thing i need to do is print the photos and pick the pp. after that its fiddle time….i love fiddling lol..and the SBO kit is due today so hopefully there will be something in that i can use. last month there was a heidi swapp mask and paint and now i am converted to heidi swapp paint which is lovely and thick.

Because it is Katie in the LO i might go bright colours…she is so bright and bubbly i always think bright pinks and lime greens and brillant yellows when i think of her. steve on the other hand is more browns and creams, manila and grass green with the odd jolt of bright blue thrown in.  jodi is darks, dark red, dark green and black and silver, bright shiny sliver. its funny how you think of people as colours, I’ve only started doing that since i started scrapbooking.  Maybe its just me, I am always being told i am a bit ecentric (which is a nice way of saying nutty as a fruit cake lol)

anyway its time i stopped thinking about it and started doing it. time to get some work done (i have been letting Katie watch way to much Playhouse Disney…now I am thinking of pooh and tigger…now its time to think think think lol!)


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