of all the times to get scrappers block! here it is the 30th, the layout for the warm up to the Scrapbook Essentials Ultimate scrappers challenge is due tomorrow and i am drawing a blank! I cant believe it….ok i blame it on the flare up of the ol RA! 2 days knocked out is time i just dont have.

I have been combing magazines and the net looking for inspiration and attacked the photo I am going to use with PSP and got that looking like I want, its now printed and ready for me to get stuck in tomorrow, now I just need to sort out the rest. BUT….and this is an exciting BUT….I have my beautiful…wonderful….I love it so much…..CRICUT EXPRESSION!!!!! and its a dream come true…..I love it love it love it!!!! and once i work out how to use to its full abilities I will love it even more!! I have made a few ummm interesting cuts but i am getting the hang of it now.

So tomorrow I need to get stuck in and get this LO done…..I did one and hated it….its the first LO i have actually trashed…I got feed up so i took off everything that could be saved and threw the rest in the fire lol….hey when I am flaring I get impatient with everything! and everyone too…..poor wee Katie has a had a few growls today…though admittedly she is entering the terrible 2’s and is being a wee toad…and loves to throw….everything….her new hobby…..throwing things onto the tiles in the kitchen to see what noise it makes….a favourite is her bottles and at 6 in the morning its not a noise you want to here….that’s her new time to get out of bed….it use to be she would wake at 6 and i would give her a bottle and she would go back to sleep….now she has the bottle and is wide awake and ready to play but its such a fun age and shes soooo cute that i cant growl her without feeling guilty…even when shes throwing a tantrum shes so cute and funny. I can say that I am definitely having trouble with discipling her….which is going to make it harder as she gets older….it just goes to show how much i have mellowed….i never had a problem discipling the boys when they were little….but that was 13 years ago…even now I dont have trouble pulling them into line when I need to…I wont say I didnt feel guilty when i had to growl or smack  but I did it but with Katie, I growl and the moment she cries I give in and cuddle her. Shes going to end up a spolit brat at this rate….mental note to self….get tougher with little miss Madam! lol….I cant stand spolit brats and i am sooo not going to have one!

anyway its time to pop a few codeines and go take this achey body of mine off to bed….niters all


2 thoughts on “OMG!!!

  1. Hannah says:

    So sorry to hear your RA has flared up, Vicky. I hope the pain goes away and you’ll be able to finish your page. But don’t worry if you don’t get it done, you can always go back and do it later (since it’s not a compulsory challenge for the comp).

  2. gypsykate says:

    I will get it done Hannah, out of pure pig headed determination if nothing else lol….I am feeling heaps better today so will get stuck in as soon as little madam Katie goes down for her nap…meantime…house work waits for no woman sigh

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