drooling at CHA summer 07

I got an email from scrapbook.com the other day and finally got around to reading it properly today, and its a sneak peek at the latest and greatest coming from CHA summer 07…and ohhhhh man there are some cool products…i feel in love with the Queen & Co felt ribbons take a look here and some of the cherry arte stuff there are so many beautiful new things coming out and the colours are so bright and cheerful, all the colours i love….lots of pink and bright greens and brillant blues.  This obviously going to be the season of colour! seems to be less floral and more doodle and brads are back with a vengence…not that they ever really went away but they are bigger and bolder and more fun shapes.

and with the nz dollar being so strong it makes it cheaper and easier to get things from overseas than ever. so if we cant get what we want over here we can go to places like scrapbook.com to get it.

on a different track, still havent got my cricut yet, still waiting for news as to when SBO gets them in but I am bugging the hell outta Andrea everyday while she chases up the importers. i am so not good at waiting and if it takes much longer i might have to think about just getting an ordinary cricut. I would much rather get an expression but I dont want to wait forever for it. Every layout I do now I think how much better it would be if i had the expression. patients patients i suppose….but its been over 2 weeks….and I WANT IT NOW!!!! lol

anywa better go help with dinner….check out the CHA goodies and let me know what you think….


4 thoughts on “drooling at CHA summer 07

  1. Hannah says:

    Oh man, I’d never really thought about the NZ dollar making it easier to buy from overseas!! Now you know what I’ll be doing today, don’t you?? Shopping online!! 🙂

  2. Hannah says:

    I’m there all the time, as that’s where I have my gallery!! I’ve often filled up my cart with goodies but then I’m always put off by the shipping – usually around $20-30 (US) so that’s really the only thing holding me back!

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