Mine Gandad

Mine Gandad, originally uploaded by gypsykate.

I love this photo. Katie might be the youngest of 14 grandchildren but she’s her “gandad’s ” little angel. its funny that she has chosen that name to call Dad, all the other grandkids call him Koko which is Maori for Grandfather, but she started calling him grandad about a month ago and just recently has started with the “mine gandad”. its so cute to watch the two of them, she starts giggling as soon as she sees him every morning and trails around after him whenever she gets the chance. and Dad just adores her, he calls her his little sunshine and takes great pleasure in tickling her and teasing her to make her laugh, and teach her, at this rate she will be bi lingual as he talks to her in Maori and English, he names everything in both languages which i can never remember him doing when i was a kid. In fact I didnt even know he was flaunt until about 10 years ago. and she takes in every word and babbles away to him. and at night before she goes to bed its gandads knee she has to cuddle on before i take her to bed.

I had to keep this LO simple, the photo says it all and I wanted it to be the focus. this is the first time i have scanned and stitched a layout and i havent quite got the kinks out lol….its slightly disjointed. need more practise i think


3 thoughts on “Mine Gandad

  1. Karen says:

    What a wonderful layout of a great Grandad moment Vicky. You are so lucky to be able to enjoy that. My Dad died before any of his grandchildren were born. He would have been just like your father, because he loved small children. It’s one of the few things in life that i have regrets about.

  2. gypsykate says:

    I think I will stick to photos to Hannah, so much easier.
    My grandad died when i was 3 Karen so my kids are so lucky to have two grandparents who adore them. I always wanted that when i was a kid.

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