womans expo

Mum and I went to the womans expo in Nelson today, it was really enjoyable but not as good as last year. It was fun just to wander around and look at the different booths and see whats new. and for the first time in years i brought make-up, I hardly ever wear makeup but i got some of that thin lizzy stuff thats advertised on tv all the time which should be good as it does it all and takes no time to apply. i also brought these very funky nail art pens that were being demonstrated, i only got them because i got talking to the demonstrator and she was saying she uses them on her scrapbooks and you can refill them with normal craft paint when they run out. and they do great fine lines.

I also went to see a clairvoyant who I actually went to see not long after Chris died, when I first found out I was expecting Katie, and she remebered me. the last time i saw here she freaked me out because she had a link with Chris and knew things about him that no one but me knew, it was so scary. and today she asked me if i still felt him because she said he was still around me which almost made me cry but also made me feel so good. she also said that big changes where coming my way and all good ones and that i should put into motion some of the plans i have in my mind because i would do very well.  I have been planning on doing a degree in marketing but wasnt sure.  so i have made some inquires, well requested more information from the open polytech tonight so we will see. I need to do something to get my mind moving again.

last year the best thing about the expo was the goody bag you get when you go in but this year it wasnt nearly as good, just a bunch of pamflets and a few sample packs…very disappointing. but of course when you go to those sort of things you have to enter all the competitions….i got so sick of writing my name and address lol….and for the next few months it will be phone calls from all these businesses that now have my number lol….but it would be nice to win something for a change…i never win anything….they had a weekend in Hanmer Springs which would be bliss…even though i lived there when i was a teenager it would be nice to soak in the hot pools…..ohhh what bliss lol.

all in all a good day out, even Katie seem to enjoy it….she was given a ballon and soft toy so she was happy and spent the afternoon when we got home kicking the balloon around, she was so good the whole time we were there and played the wee cutie everytime someone looked her way, shes so good at that! lol

anyway i think another cup of tea before bed….or maybe just bed….i am buggered. enjoy the rest of the weekend all =)


One thought on “womans expo

  1. Hannah says:

    Sounds like a really busy (and fun!) day! Glad you enjoyed it. I’m wondering about getting that Thin Lizzy make up, you’ll have to let us know how you find it.

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