sensible underwear and other signs

well it happens to all of us doesnt it…..that time when we trade in pretty for comfortable. I went bra shopping yesterday….I’ve put on a lot of weight thanks to the steriods I am on the for the RA and everything is pinching in places i would rather not be pinched (and believe me there is a lot to pinch lol) so off to Farmers I went with Mum and Katie (for some reason Steve didnt want to come with us…..dont know why lol) and brought a couple of pretty ugly but very comfortable and sensible bras. oh well…at least they dont pinch. and I also managed to pick up a couple of pairs of PJ’s on sale and they are both pretty and comfy lol….i love PJ’s…if i had my way i would wear pj’s all the time!

its just another sign that I am becoming Mature! well i suppose it had to happen….40 is only 18 months away so it must be time for it to happen. the next thing will be sensible shoes lol….well i live in sneakers so i suppose their pretty sensible lol.

i think Katies gone mad…shes just pulled her slippers and socks off and running around with her wee chair giggling and making noises that sound like a machine gun…shes suddenly fully of energy….now shes pulling the pillows off the couch and trying to climb on it….shes so funny…everything is an adventure at this age, its so much fun for both of us. I took the cutest photos of her playing in the gravel in the driveway today, she was having a ball tossing pebbles everywhere and getting dirty, they are going to be fun to scrapbook.

anyway its time to get her bath ready…have a nice night all


2 thoughts on “sensible underwear and other signs

  1. Hannah says:

    Well, you have to be comfortable! And really, who cares if they’re not all pretty and lacy? I hate bras with lace, they itch! And honestly, not many people are going to see them … are they?

    Sounds like Katie is being very cute – LOVE this age!!

  2. Karen says:

    Well you have to be comfortable in your underwear Vicky. Just make sure you keep plenty of pretty things in your wardrobe. Don’t get totally seduced to the ‘sensible’ side of the Force.

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