looking and dreaming…for now

well I did it! I ordered a cricut expression today.

I got sick of looking at the cricut website and dreaming so I emailed Andrea from Scrapbook Outlet the other day and asked if she stocked Cricuts, she can get them and asked if i want to buy an Expression instead. Talk about delimma, get a cricut within a few days or wait and get the bigger and better and newest model which will be in the country on the 19th July. it was more expensive but comes with 2 cartridges and can cut up to 12×24 inches which means not just scrapbooking but making things for Katies bedroom walls and all sorts…cant wait! so now i have to get really stuck in and clean up my scrapbook room which i havent been able to get  into this week since steve has moved his computer in there and taken over.

so today i got him to put the new cupboard together and we took the big bookshelf out and the cupboard in which makes it look less clutered already. tomorrow steve and i are going to get stuck in and tidy and move the desk around and generally improve the mess condition and make room for my new toy…cant wait cant wait cant wait!!!

I hate waiting! I want it NOW! lol.


2 thoughts on “looking and dreaming…for now

  1. Karen says:

    Fantastic Vicky. How exciting that you’ve achieved your goal to get a Cricut and that you’re going to be getting the newest whizz-bang model.

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