i cant believe it , the government has passed that stupid non smacking law and within weeks 2 more babies are killed. what is wrong with this country that we cant protect our children, our precious babies? its pretty obvious this law is a joke, there is a huge difference between giving your child a smack to remind them that there is consequences to naughty actions and beating your child to death.  when is the government going to step in with some real solutions?


One thought on “unbelievable

  1. Hannah says:

    I know, it’s shocking. A prime example of how stupid this new law is. And did you hear about that MP who got outed for “smacking” his son at the mall? Apparently he didn’t smack him, but somebody said they saw him, so that means “technically” that the police should investigate. I think they might be realising how ridiculous the whole thing is.
    But even if it does make them sit up and think … it’s too late for those babies. Really sad 😦

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