Orlando Bloom

yummmm yummm…..ok so i am channel surfing and flicked to channel one and there is Orlando Bloom on Ellen….I cant stand Ellen but he is a nice bit of eye candy i’m sure you agree…..hes so pretty!

ok so back to reality. so its just me and Katie for the next few days. Tori is on his way back to Aussie and Steve is still down with Mum and Dad at the lodge.  so its going to be very quiet around here but I have plenty to do. I need to spring clean, it feels like the house is messy though it really isnt that bad, it just would be nice to have everything fresh before mum and dad come home in 10 days.

and i might even get some time to scrapbook, i havent had much of that lately, i seem to be constantly rushing around and getting no where. I think i need this little respite from everyone. Though poor Katie is completely confused, not only is her adored big brother not to be found but we went to the airport and left without her favourite cousin and Nan and Koko have been away forever in her little world. shes one confused and sad little girl, shes used to being surround by lots of people who adore her and just having me here must be very strange for her. so i will have to make this a special time for the two of us. but right now she is asleep and has been for almost 3 hours after being up half the night. shes going through a thing where she wakes up in the early hours and wont go back to sleep unless i put her into bed with me. which is great for her, she goes straight off to sleep, but not so good for me because i dont dare move incase i wake her and she kicks in her sleep 🙂 but it is kinda nice having her little body cuddled into me all cosy.

anyways i better wake her if she is going to sleep at all tonight. no doubt you will hear a bit from me over the next few days lol


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