johnny and the sprites

Katie has gone nuts on Johnny and the spritesJohnny and the sprites from playhouse disney. every time an ad comes on for the show she stops whatever she is doing and stares at the tv with the biggest grin on her face. so of course me being the geek i am had to find the web site for the show. which lead us to the Playhouse Disney web site. now we have a nightly ritual of her sitting on my knee while she watches the two music videos from the show that are on the web site. she sits there and grins and then babbles on and i swear tonight she said Johnny lol….hasnt said Mummy yet but she will say Johnny! should i be jealous or just except the fact that I will be dada forever.

I cant get over how quickly she is learning things and growing up. she knows what she likes and what she wants. i can see i am going to have one very strong willed young lady on my hands, just like all the other females in our family. i am proud to say my neices (all 4 of them)  are all strong willed tough young ladies (the eldest is 18 and youngest is almost 13) no one gets the better of any of them. and i think Katie will be much the same.  shes already had a couple of time outs in her room and shes learning that once she is on the time out seat she has to stay there til i get her off.  i dont want her to grow up to fast but she picks things up so quickly that there will be no holding her back. i keep putting off taking her to playgroup because i am not ready to admite she is old enough now and she does need it. seems like only yesterday she was  tiny brand new baby and now shes a little girl, seems like the moment she started walking she stopped being a baby and became a little person.  in someways shes still very much my baby, she still has a bottle and sleeps in her cot and has to stick to her routine at night, dinner, bath, playtime and cuddles with me and then tucked in by mum and her dezee as she calls stevie. otherwise she doesnt settle.

shes sound asleep now, she wore herself out today and didnt have her normal afternoon sleep, she wanted to play with Tori, its almost like she knows he wont be here much longer, he booked his tickets back to Aussie yesterday and leaves on the 14th, we are all going to miss him. he can be a right royal pain the butt at times but hes been good to have around, even if i do think of him as my wee baby nephew sometimes, hey its hard for an auntie to admite that he’s an adult now because if hes 22 that makes me……omg to old! lol…..

anyway i had a sleepless night last night, another flare up sigh, so i am going to have an early one tonight. i am buggered. so later everyone!


3 thoughts on “johnny and the sprites

  1. Hannah says:

    Katie sounds like a real cutie!! It is bittersweet how quickly they grow up, but so much fun watching them learn new things and develop their little personalities 🙂

    Hope you have a REALLY good sleep tonight!

  2. Christi says:

    Vicky – my girls like Johnny as well. I’ve been trying to figure out if he’s gay or not. Not that it matters lol. But DH reckons anyone who plays with sprites is lol. I quite like the show myself lol. I know what you mean about the kids growing up. You blink and it’s all over. I think you can absorb sooooooooo much more if you have one. Since Kamryn is older I feel I have ‘missed’ things with Lauryn or time with Lauryn because I have an older one to look after. It’s a bit heart wrenching but I’m sure she isn’t suffering lol. Little Miss Katie seems to have a great personality shining through too. I’m sure like her mom 😉

  3. gypsykate says:

    he is sooooo gay Christi lol…but Katie loves him.
    I know what you mean bout having two young ones, my boys were 3 years apart and i always worried i wasnt spending enough time with Steve, Jodi was such a full on kid but Steve is now almost 15 and Jodi is 18 and they seem to pretty well adjusted young men so dont worry, it all comes right in the end.

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