busy few weeks

i’ve been busy the last few weeks and haven’t got round to adding anything to my wee poor neglected blog. not that i have much to say. Mum and Dad have been home the last few weeks and go back for the final 3 weeks of the hunting season tomorrow. Steve is going down to Kaikoura next weekend to join them for a week, a treat for doing so well at school and for his 15th birthday but it means he wont be here for his birthday which will be the first time we wont be together for his birthday ever. but at least i know mum will make a fuss over him and he will be doing something he loves, hunting poor innocent animals lol.

so besides that i’ve just been running after Katie and getting this house in order. i have sold heaps of things on trademe and got rid of a lot of things no longer needed like Katie’s play gyms and baby clothes and change table etc etc, i still have a heap of things to go but we are getting there. since mum and dad have been home dads given the garage a good clean out and found more stuff for me to sell off so who knows, i may end up with enough to buy a crique soon. if nothing else at least i have gained some space and the house is cleaner lol.  now i just need to get stuck into my wardrobe and get all those boxes down and sort them. i have a huge walk in wardrobe that i can only just step in lol….its been used as a dumping ground since we moved in and now i can finally get it cleaned out and the wardrobe organisers i brought ages ago put in so can actually find things.

only a completely different track, i finally got to see the hand therapist last week and i now have the sexiest most stunning hand splint. actually its as ugly as sin but i only have to wear it at night so no one gets to see it and it seems to be helping but still….another thing to bare i suppose. i have a great fear of losing the use of my hands. that scares me more than anything else. if my hip or knees go its a matter of a replacement or some time in a wheel chair but if my hands go i don’t know what can be done. so i follow the physio’s exercises completely and just hope that they wont get any worse. sometimes its not easy staying positive!

anyways i am off to play sims lol….another obsession that helps me relax when i dont feel like scrapbooking 🙂


3 thoughts on “busy few weeks

  1. Hannah says:

    Sounds like you have been busy – selling things on TM is great but it sure is time consuming … sorting it all, taking photos, putting it all on the computer, keeping track of the auctions. But hopefully you feel great now having done it all! Extra cash is always good, too 😉

    I hope the hand split helps.

  2. Karen says:

    Glad to see you back Vicky. Sometimes real life just gets in the way of important things…like blogging.
    It’s always the way that no matter how big a space you have for storage you can still fill it up. Bat after the magnificent effort on your scrapping space I’m sure you’ll make short work of your wardrobe.

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