Nearly there

Ok I have it going on now! nearly finished mums pressie. its amazing how much you can get done when the musics playing and no-ones bugging you…reason number 2 why I love my scrapbook room lol.

the brown paper and stamp thing didnt go anywhere. now its striped green and cream paper with ribbon and opal dust glitter effects from Jo Sonja. all sealled nicely with mod podge. and mm paint, where would i be with out my mm paint collection?

so complete off subject, and while i let the podge dry, who listens to music when they scrap? and what do you listen to? for me tonight its a mixture of 80’s stuff, what can i say, i am a child of the 80’s lol.

oh funniest thing happened tonight. i went to put Katie to bed and as we do most nights we were having a wee play in her room before bedtime. she decides to tuck her doll into its wee cot, dolls are her new thing, she never goes far without one tucked under her arm, its so cute. anyway she grabs her cabbage patch kid by the hair and shoves it into the wee bed and pulls the blankets on it and gives it a wee shove as if to say…and dont get up! and then she toddles off to her cot and stands there waiting for me to put her to bed lol. every day her personailty comes out more and more, and man is she a bossy wee miss! she wants what she wants and if we dont jump man do we hear about it. if shes like this at 16 month imagine what shes going to be like at 2! to scary!…shes already had her first time out, she got put on her naughty stool in her room the other day for throwing a tantrum. she didnt get off either and was good when i let her get down so maybe it will work when she gets older. heres hoping….otherwise i am sending for super nanny lol.


2 thoughts on “Nearly there

  1. Karen says:

    No I don’t have any music playing when I’m scrapping or on the computer. Actually a don’t bother playing music hardly at all. I only used the MP3 player I was given for a week. I wrote an early post called Music…Ughh! What is it good for?. Absolutely noting! (and subsequently went on to post about all the music related things I’ve gone to see). It’s a bit surprising really given how many musicians i number amongst my friends. I’ve even been going out with a keyboard player for two years.

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