its a trackpants sorta day

its raining yet again sigh…i thought it was suppose to be SUNNY NELSON??? ok its autumn and rain is to be expected but you do get sick of it after a week.

so i woke up, well got woken up, a 6.30 this morning to the sound of rain and miss katie calling out. She slept through! yay! after 2 nights in a row of 3am playtimes she slept like an angel last night. of course i was so tired last night she may have woken but i didnt hear her.  its now 11.50am, shes already had her morning nap and i am just having breakfast while she eats lunch. I have a good reason for being so late to eat breakfast, I have been scrapping of course lol….you didnt think it was anything boring like housework did you??????? not going to happen!

i got the sbo monthly kit yesterday and its fantastic so of course i had to jump right in. the ideas were brillant this month too. I am working on one by Vicky Gibson at the moment, I love her work, check it out at the SBO Gallery the layout i am working on isnt there but her work is so orginal and different, its inspiring.

i will upload the layout when i am finished. but right now I really do have to do the housework or it will never get done. I want a house keeper lol.


2 thoughts on “its a trackpants sorta day

  1. Hannah says:

    Great to hear that Katie slept through – sounds like you both really needed that!! 🙂 Bummer about the rain – we have it here too but I hear the weekend is supposed to be better in the North Island … we are heading to the South Island though so hope it is fine there too!

  2. Karen says:

    We all need those trackpants days where we can kick back and not care about what we look like. Unfortunately Murphy’s Law says that’s when the unexpected visitors arrive.

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