coro st intrigue and other important stuff

Tuesday night and there is nothing on TV so I watched Coronation Street, ok i confess i do watch it regularly. So is Gail losing it? and who is sending those cards? is that bratty David or is it the scotsman that seemed like such a nice guy but there was always something there that you just cant put your finger on. I never did like Gail much anyway, and as for that son of hers….what a little brat….hes aweful.

hehehe soap operas are so much more interesting than real life. like my life hasnt been enough of a soap opera these last 5 years…..long story….i dont dwell on the past, whats the point?

have you ever noticed that the ads on tv are getting stranger and stranger????? some of them dont make the slightest bit of sense. but House isnt making sense either tonight…..i might just go to bed and read my book….at least that makes sense….i could blame the new meds the specialist put me on last week. ohhh talking about my specialist…well actually it has nothing to do with him, hes lovely by the way, and not completely ugly either 😉 not that i have noticed lol….anyway back to my burble….i need you to go to this web site and sign their petition please.  its important, we need to get the government to take a good look at the level of care they provide for people with cronic illnesses.  this is fast becoming my favourite vent, if I had of had an accident I would be entitled to all the help under the sun but because i have a cronic illness i am a 2nd class citizian. its simply not good enough. so please go to equity for illness and help make a difference…..gee i sound like one of those ccs ads…..time for bed i feel….its raining again and my whole body is feeling it….and i have another class at the hydro pool tomorrow. niters all


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