another month down

its the last day of the month, where did April go? seems to me the days just disappear. its going to be christmas again before we know it at this rate.  and Mothers day is just a few days away and i finally got an idea of what to do for my Mum.

shes wanted all her favourite reciepes put into a book for ages and i kept saying i would type them up for her and havent got round to it so i thought i would make her a reciepe book for mothers day. I have a few extra weeks because she wont be home again until the 19th. which is just as well because it will take me that long lol. but it gives me something new to tackle. now i am off to troll the net for ideas. and put Katie to bed for her nap (note the crossed fingers and hopeful look),

shes in one of her patented refusing to sleep modes, it was nearly 11pm before i got her to sleep last night and it took me half an hour holding her still and rocking her to finally get her to give in. she gets herself so worked up she makes herself sick so I cant even just leave her to cry when shes in one of those moods. needless to say by the time i got her to sleep i was too wound up to sleep lol. took me another hour to wind down so now i am so tired i want to go to sleep even if she doesnt lol. the joys of being a mummy of a toddler.  there are a lot more rewards than trials though, she is always ready to give me kisses and cuddles and that more than makes up for the sleepless nights and temper tantrums (mine and hers lol)

well this is not getting missy madam into bed. have a great monday everyone


2 thoughts on “another month down

  1. Hannah says:

    I agree, the time is just flying by! I can’t wait to see what you make for your mum. Sounds like a wonderful gift you have in mind, something she needs and will treasure.
    Sorry to hear about your sleep issues with Katie, I hope they sort themselves out soon and you both get some decent rest! I’ve been there before with a baby that doesn’t want to sleep and has temper tantrums, so I feel for you!! ((Hugs))

  2. Christi says:

    Hey Vicky! How many recipes are you looking at doing? I did one for the shop I work at that was rather cool with recipe cards. But it may not work with too many. I guess another idea would be a recipe box. I got a nice wooden box from Hospice that I will turn into a recipe card box. That way they are protected.

    I know what you mean about those toddler stages. We have some pretty good days but one bad morning and the day is shot all to hell! Some days I find it very hard to cope!

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