another week has disappeared. Mum and Dad came home on Sunday and left again on Wednesday for another 3 weeks. its boring when they are away. No adults to talk to and the boys take themselves off every night to play xbox or cards so once Katie is in bed i sit here by myself bored out of my skull. at least tv tonight is halfway decent. SG1 and now SG Alantis which is actually kinda dull but I’ve been surfing trademe and half watching tv. havent found anything overly exciting on trademe, a brand new pair of bootlegs for Katie for $2.50, which closes in about a mintue, their all sparkly, Katie will love them. take that back the auction just closed and I won.  Yay, thats something to relive the boredom lol.

and now Alantis is finished so i might make a hot chocolate and head to bed with a good book. I have a Raymond E Feist book and i put my winter duvet on my bed this morning lol. life is getting more than a little boring. the most i have to look forward to this weekend is the carboot sale in Richmond tomorrow. its been raining all day so hopefully it will clear up tomorrow. and I want to go to the mall and get Steve a copy of the new Earagon dvd, of course its for him and not because i am dying to see the movie too lol. the boys have another card competition tomorrow afternoon so it will just me and Katie, might have to go shopping lol…..if its fine, if its raining….hmmm might have to scrapbook. I did a little bit this afternoon between running around after Katie and picking the car up from being fixed. anyway enough of the boring life of me…..i am gonna go make that hot chocolate. niters all


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