to smack or not to smack

seems that everyone has an opinion on Sue Bradford’s anti-smacking bill. To smack or not to smack that isnt the real question is it? the question is does the government have the right to take away a parents right to choose? this bill is suppose to stop people beating their children, well as far as i knew its always been illegal to harm a child and anyone that does should be shot!

i am not against giving a child a tap around the backside if they are seriously misbehaving, but from experience with my two boys when they were younger, the threat was more effect than the actual smack and to me that is what this bill is taking away, the right to displine your child in the way you see fit. its not about smacking or not smacking and its not going to stop children getting hurt or killed by their own parents. those people that harm their children know its against the law, it doesnt stop them now so why is some anti smacking bill going to stop them? the only way to stop our children coming to harm is education, educate the parents, help parents be the best they can possibly be. most especially young parents. they are the ones that need the most help and support.  So instead of spending all that money on a wasted bill why not put it into educating parents and giving them more support. set up better support systems, give plunket and other support groups more funding and better back up. get cyps sorted out and get them doing their job properly, with more staff that actually care.

anyway thats my vent for the week, its almost bedtime for this tired kiwi scrapper, i had a session at the hydrothreapy pool today and i am buggered. niters all


4 thoughts on “to smack or not to smack

  1. Hannah says:

    I agree with almost everything you’ve said! Of course even if this bill goes through, the horrible people who ABUSE their children will continue to do that, and those good parents who just want to have the right to discipline their children in a loving and constructive way will be punished. I hate that Sue Bradford uses the words “smack” and “spank” synonymously with “beat” and “abuse”. They do not mean the same thing!

    I agree that education is severely lacking, and they should put their money and resources and efforts into changing that, not wasting time with a bill that is flawed and that 80% of parents DON’T AGREE WITH!

    Okay, off my soap box now! LOL 😉

  2. pacifictonz says:

    I totally agree, it seems to have turned into a situation where you are labeled a child beater if you don’t want to sign their petition 20 times every time you go to the shopping centre.

    Not having children myself I don’t want to petition either way, what I will stand up for is living in a law abiding but free country where the parents make the decision on how children will be brought up and taught right from wrong – and child abusers in any form are punished harshly, as they can and should be under the existing law.

  3. Christi says:

    I don’t agree with this bill either. I was sooooooooo angered when it came up. And the next day after it had been introduced I worried about what others would say to me in public for threatening a smack or tapping their bums. But now I’m not phased lol probably mostly because I haven’t met one parent tell me they are for it lol. So I’m more comfortable that I’m not doing something that is taboo. I also signed something to have this put to a vote. So hopefully that will happen.

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