todays the day

finally! today is the day i move into . yesterday we finished moving all mum and dads stuff into their suite and steve’s stuff into his new room and i spent the rest of the day doing Katie’s new room which looks so sweet, bright and cheerful and finally she has room for all her toys and clothes with a huge double wardrobe to store everything! no more having her bits all over the house. and she loves it though it took a bit to get her settled last night, she will get use to it.

and now i am waiting for her to finish her breakfast (or should i say finish feeding it to the dog lol) so i can get her dressed and get started on my room. first i want to clean the carpet, Katie has the loveliest habit of throwing her half empty bottles on the floor and they leak everywhere so i need to clean the carpet and wait for it to dry…..i hate waiting! but there’s a car boot sale down at the village square so i will go to that while i wait. i might be able to pick up some more bits for my room.

so now its off to work for me, i will take photos as i go and share them later. have a good day all


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