Mapua Show

the easter show at Mapua was great, we ended up spending nearly the whole day there and had great fun. the boys got airbrushed tattos and have been trying to pass them off as real lol. I met up with my cousin and her family and spent a bit of time with them before wandering off  with Katie and the boys and looking at the many stalls and stuff. it was a beautiful day, not to hot and very relaxing despite the crowd. we even let Katie get out of the stroller and have a wander around a few times. we ended up following her all over the place for a while lol. it was great and of course we took lots of photos for me to scrap.

the rest of the weekend has been quiet. Katie discovered that chocolate is great and i had to hid her easter egg from her to stop her eating the lot and making herself sick. she was so funny, trying to steal Stevies easter egg as well as eat her own.

its another beautiful day today so i might see if the boys want to go to Tahuna this afternoon for a walk on the beach and maybe take Katie to the zoo. Tori’s still pretty sick so he might not want to go. he’s still in bed, lucky bugga lol. i’ve been up since 6.30 and I am tired already.  so we may end up staying home today, see what happens. anyway its time madam went down for a nap and i got into the housework sigh, a mothers work is never done.


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