SBO kit

the scrapbook outlet monthly kit arrived the other day and its awesome, 3 peices of bazzill bling and a crafters template are my favourite things but its all great. i havent had a chance to have a play yet because mum and dad where home for a few days but they are back off to work again for the next two weeks so i have plenty of time to scrapbook.

i had my first session at the hip exercise class the the hydro therapy pool at the hospital yesterday. it was hard work but its going to pay off in the long run.  at least it better, i hurt like hell today after yesterdays effort.

the exciting news is i sold my first thing on trademe today, $30 closer to that cricut! i sold my fiskers shapeboss which i have barely used since buying it almost 2 years ago. so thats one thing down, i have about a dozen things listed and am in the process of sorting more stuff out, i might find the floor of my wardrobe yet lol. now i better go pack up the shapeboss and get it ready to be sent off.


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