lazy Saturday Afternoon

I could say I am resting but in truth I just cant be bothered moving, I hurt, ever since I had my first physo session on Thursday I have hurt all over and been so so tired. more than anything my hands and elbows hurt. and my knees hurt like hell too. and the physo discovered some pretty serious damage in my hip which i sort of knew was there but thought if i ignored it it woul go away, apparently not. so on wednesday i am off to the first of a series of exercise classes specially designed for hip problems at the hospital therapy swimming pool. so once a week i will be wandering off to the hospital for these classes and also a general exercise swimming class on a monday that will start in a couple of weeks. on top of that i have an intense session with the physo once a fortnight for an hour. and i have to have a full body xray to assess how much damage has been already done by this stupid diease and go to a hand therapist which i didnt even know such a thing exsisted and have special splints made up to wear at night, every night for the rest of my life. no wonder i am depressed. i have been down ever since thursday, i wish mum and dad where home, i need them. but they wont be home until tuesday at earliest.

so i am sitting here having a sci-fi fest, stargate, stargate alantis and now enterprise. this is not a normal saturday, i’m normally busy doing something but i just dont want to today. the boys are off at a yuhgi oh card game competition and Katie is in bed so i have the house to myself.

i dropped the boys off at 12 then stopped in at the local scrapbook shop to pick up a refill for my favourite tape runner and chance would have it they were having a sale. not the best sale i have been to but i got a few bottles of mm paint and a few papers and a heidi swapp mask which i love and i even remebered to pick up the tape refill 🙂 i forget how expensive that store is, i do most of my shopping online, either on trademe or on one of the e-stores. its amazing how much it saves me shopping online, even with postage. i have got a number of brillant bargins off trademe, i love it, its not just the bargins its the challenge of winning an auction. it feels so good to win 🙂

anyway i am off to make another cup of tea and watch the rest of enterprise. i have 2 more hours of peace before i go to pick up the boys. 


2 thoughts on “lazy Saturday Afternoon

  1. Hannah says:

    Sorry you have been in so much pain, Vicky. That’s not fun 😦 I hope you managed to enjoy your lazy Saturday, and that it helped you feel a bit better.

    Oh, and lucky you, getting a Cricut!!!! I’m jealous!!

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