thought i would jump in a write a quick post before i start the dreaded housework. Tuesday morning and I am sooo tired thanks to Miss Katie and her 3am wake up call that lasted until 5am and then started again at 7….and now…shes blissfully asleep and i have to get moving sigh,…..its so not fair!

well Mum and Dad have gone away again, Mum has a job as head chef at a hunting lodge in the Kaikoura ranges for a week and Dad has gone along as moral support, well thats his excuse, he just likes being in the back of beyond surrounded by bush and wild things lol. this lodge has American hunters come over and hunt deer and stuff. not my thing but i’m sure mum and dad will enjoy it. and i get the house to myself for a week, well when i say to myself i mean to myself, Katie, Steve and my nephew Tori who is staying with us for a few months before returning to Aussie to be with his family. hes 22 and not been to well lately. he was living in Christchurch but decided he needed his family so came to us for a while. well thats what family is for right?

now i need to move……or should i have another cuppa? hmmmm if i get the house work done then i might be able to slip in a bit of scrapbooking while Katie’s still asleep…..time to move lol…..i shall return lol…you have been warned šŸ˜‰


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