beautiful day

summer seems determine to stick around this year and who am i to complain? last week we all thought it had gone away but its back with a vengence this week, its been so beautiful and hot. and its great because Katie still has so many sweet little summer clothes she is just grown into and so i am dressing her up whenever i get the chance and of course taking photos to scrap before we have to get the winter woolies out again.

Katie is so funny at times. Last night we went for a walk around the yard, you tend to forget that so much that we take for granted is new and exciting for little people, she was exploring everything, every stone and leaf was a reason to pause and take a good look. it was fun seeing things through her eyes and watching her learn new things. i think this is my favourite age, She’s just gone 15 months, and is so busy exploring and learning so fast and is a constant source of amusement with her giggles and squeals and babbles. her latest thing is squealling at the top of her voice, just about breaking the sound barrier lol. we are trying to discourage that one, its a bit much, especially first thing in the morning.

anyway it must be time for our evening stroll around the garden. might write more later if  i get a chance.  but then again, it is friday Stargate night lol….do  i live life on the edge or what? 🙂 


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