that was fun

ok finished fiddling for now. i keep getting distracted whilst playing around to get my blog to look pretty lol. Thanks to Karen for giving me the idea to customize the header, i didn’t realise you could do that. its so nice to make it more personal though i will probably have to play around and make a few new banners before i am finished, but i kinda like this one for now. and it only took me 15 Min’s to make with PSP.

anyway i am going to go send Steve to bed and probably take my book and go to bed myself, its been a long day. and tomorrow i want to make up some scrap kits so that i have some pages organised. an idea i got from a web site i was at the other day. because i don’t often get hours to scrap i am going to put together some packs with photos, card-stock, pp, embellishments etc ready to go so when i have a spare 10 Min’s i can just get to work then leave it if i need to. i did that with the page i finished last night which was on the go for a few days. and it was a much better way to work than rushing a layout and not getting how i want it to look. and now my desk is organised and everyone in the house warned not to use my desk as a dumping ground under pain of death (or at least hours of moaning from me)  i have everything within reach and in place, it makes scrap snacking so much easier and more pleasurable. i love being organised lol…and my scrapbook room gets closer everyday….the extension’s have reached decorating stage, the painting is being done this week and the carpet gets laid next week!! then its just a matter of moving mum and dad in, moving Steve into their old room and then painting Katie’s new room before moving her into it. and then MY TURN!!! YAY……hopefully by this time week after next i will be moved in and spread out and organised.  i so cannot wait, its been so long in coming! anyway i am tired, Katie had me up 3 times last night and then woke at 6.30am, and i have been on the move most of the day so i am worn out majorly!…its alright for her, she gets to nap whenever she wants lol……i don’t have that luxury.

nite nite one and all…..please excuse the yawns 


7 thoughts on “that was fun

  1. Hannah says:

    Wow, your header is very cool! I love it!
    Sounds like you’re pretty tired, so I hope you get to catch up on sleep and rest. Not long until you get your scrapbooking room, can’t wait to see pics when you’re all moved in 😉

  2. gypsykate says:

    thanks Hannah. it was amazingly easy once i sussed it out.
    Kate is wearing me out at the moment, her sleep pattern is all messed up now that daylight savings has finished so she keeps waking at night and grizzling and then gets up at 6am. it will pass, i hope 🙂

  3. Hannah says:

    I’m sure she’ll settle into a more “normal” routine soon enough. My boys were waking at 6am for the first few days, but now we are getting to 7am sometimes and with Ethan it was 8am today!! It just takes their little bodies longer to adjust to the new time zone. One thing I don’t like about DLS!!

  4. americanmom says:

    I love the look of your blog too. Thanks for adding me to your Blogs I Like. It’s mutual. I enjoy reading yours. You Aussie scrappers rock! Can’t wait to see your new room. And I love your term “scrap snacking”.

  5. gypsykate says:

    your welcome mom, i love your blog. but sweetie i am not an aussie (heaven forbid lol) i am 100% New Zealand made lol….a full blown orginal kiwi chick 😉 but your forgiven for confusing us down under types….it often happens. 🙂

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