fiddling with wordpress

i’ve spent all evening playing with the settings of my blog to make it look prettier and do what i want. still not what i really want but looking a bit better. i need to work out how to make a template of my own so i can really customise the look. then i got distracted a few times, it started with trying to get a slide show to work, then i decided to add a video and ended up on youtube which i have never been to before and got completely distracted watching videos on scrapbooking of course….talk about predicatable.

also mum has put me on a diet…..and i am starving!  no more junk food, my favourite sort of food lol. i really really need to lose some weight,  my medication and the addication to junk food has stacked on the weight since my operation and if i dont battle it now its going to make my recover even harder.

anyways its time for bed. and i never did get back to that layout i was working on earlier. oh well….tomorrows another day


One thought on “fiddling with wordpress

  1. Karen says:

    Good luck with the diet gypsykate.
    An easy way to personalise your blog skin is to pick a template that allows you to use customised headers.

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