cha o7

i look, i drool, i want. ive been flicking through lovebug’s gallery of photos from cha 07 (click here) big mistake, so many pretty pretties as Katie would put it. there are some beautiful new products coming out, and heres me trying to cut back my scrapbook budget and use what i have got.

i read an letter in an old scrapbook memories magazine the other day from a lady who was saying she use to save a lot of her stash for “that special layout” and i thought to myself i do that and yet they are all special layouts so why do i do that? its time to use up my stash…otherwise i wont have an excuse to buy more will i?

anyway time to move my tush…i need to get the housework done so i can sneak in a bit of scrapbooking later. i have some ideas and have been veiwing websiodes at craft tv weekly and have all these new ideas to try.  i swear i spend more time on the net researching and gathering ideas than i do using those ideas. ok time to move….more later


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