a few bad days

today and yesterday are the first bad days i have had in over a month. its hit me out of the blue too. its a reminder i suppose, don’t take the good days for granted. i feel like shyt to be honest, it could have something to do with the onset of the wetish weather but its not like its really that bad, we have had 2 days of changeable weather, even rain, the first in ages. but that doesn’t  account for the gross feeling in my stomach or the lightheadedness. i want to curl into a ball and go to sleep but alas its not going to happen, Katie needs chasing and i need to do all those things that mothers do during the day.  i am just resting as much as i can and hoping it will go away.

its a pain in the butt really, i wanted to have a play around with the Feb Scrapbook outlet monthly kit which arrived last week and i haven’t even touched yet. i have decided to give it SBO a 3 month trial for their monthly kit and then give scrapbook essentials a go and see what their kit is like and which ever one i prefer is the one i will stick to.  its a good way to try something new and i have had to set myself a budget because i have been spending way to much on scrapbook things and its time to draw the line.

anyways i better go pick up steve from the bus, i hate driving when i feel like this but it has to be done. might get a chance to get back on later…if i feel up to it.


2 thoughts on “a few bad days

  1. Hannah says:

    Sorry to hear that you haven’t been feeling good, Vicky. I hope you keep having some more “good days” and that you get some therapeutic scrapping time as well 😉

  2. gypsykate says:

    thanks Hannah, i suppose i should expect some bad days but they still creep up on me out of the blue. the joys of this diesease of mine i suppose. not much i can do but roll with it.
    how things going with the LO’s for SE’s guest designer? must be lots of fun

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