photo of the big clean


March 044, originally uploaded by gypsykate.

this must be the cleanest this corner has been since we moved in 8 months ago. compare it to the one i posted a few weeks ago and the improvement is obvious. its not my scrapbook room but it will do for few more weeks until i can move all that stuff across the hall when the renovations are done and i finally get to move Katie into a bigger bedroom and i get to move into her room with all my bits. first off though i have to paint Katies room, its far to dark, with its orange and navy blue walls, i mean really what where the last owners thinking….its not a sunny room anyway being at the back of the house but to paint it dark colours? thats just crazy. i think i will either paint it a bright sunny green like Steve’s room or something like that. as long as its light and bright. it will make it feel bigger and warmer.
as for my future scrap room, its orange too but its ok, i might paint it sometime down the track but i am to impatient to do it before i move in lol.
anyways time to go mess up that desk lol….i feel some scraping coming on.


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