so clean

i spent the afternoon cleaning my scrapbook corner and its sooo clean and sooo organised its scary. i had to fix the wire shelves i keep my papers in because they collapsed this morning, they turned out to be unfixable so i brought in a decent shelve unit that has been sitting in the garage waiting to be painted. one of those round to it jobs i havent got round to. i was going to wait until i moved into my scrapbook room before i painted it and brought it in but i couldnt stand it any more, i am sick of the mess. so i got Steve to bring in another smaller bookcase from the garage and used that for all my stamp stuff and now i have a wonderfully clean desk with only the essentials on it and a set of plastic drawers for tools and other bits i like to have on hand and the rest of my stuff is neat and tidy on the shelves. its so nice … i even vacumed….OMG! that never ever happens, mainly because i could never get in there with the vacum, it was to messy. i even have a basket on the floor for some of Katies toys in the vain hope she wont pull everything off the shelves….thats not going to stop her but we live in hope.

its only a matter of 2 or 3 weeks until i get my scrapbook room but i couldnt wait that long and at least now it will be easier to move things now that they are better organised. i just need to find a home for the mountain of scrapbook magazines i have. think it maybe time to get rid of some and have a good clean out of stuff i dont use and throw it on trademe. whatever i make can go toward my diecut machine fund. thats something i really want though i havent decided whether to get a sizzix or a xyron personal cutting system or a cuttlebug or which one to get. needs more research i feel….now off to admire my space again lol…and check my daughter who is hopefully sound asleep and looking like an angel…not that she needs to be asleep to look like an angel, she always does!


2 thoughts on “so clean

  1. Karen says:

    OK so now you’ve given me the guilts Gypsykate. The only thing that’s stopping me from rushing for my vacuum cleaner right now is that it’s 10 at night.
    Hopefully this fit will have passed by the time I wake up tomorrow morning.

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