March SE LO comp

March SE LO comp, originally uploaded by gypsykate.

i love love love this layout, it just about drove me nuts getting it done, took about 5 days in planning and all yesterday afternoon and evening to get done but i love the way its come out, its hard to tell with the photo but there is so many little details like tiny translucent beads on the chipboard lettering and a tiny mouth on the button teddy bear (which was mums idea)
a close look would reveal all the mistakes but as a wise (then) 12 year old once said to me “its scrapbooking, you cant make a mistake, Thad’s why your so good at it mum” lol, even 2 years ago Steve was a wise young man lol…..or was that a backhanded compliment?
anyway i have to go resort my scrap corner now, my paper holding shelf fell down before and now i have to sort all my papers out and put it back up again sign…..and i need to fix my paintshop pro and work out why i am getting error messages and it keeps crashing. which to do first sigh….i would rather go to sleep…..i’ve been up since 5am when Katie decided it was play time and now shes asleep and i am stuffed and the days only half over.


2 thoughts on “March SE LO comp

  1. Hannah says:

    Wow, that layout looks like it was a lot of work, no wonder it took you that long to finish. But you’ve done a great job. What a wise boy you have there, I agree that since scrapbooking is art, you can’t really make a “mistake”. And you have to do what you love!

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