i feel grumpy today, no real reason, i just feel feed up with everything and everyone. it could be the heat or it could be my joints aching or it could just be that i am just a grump like Steve told me earlier. nice boy. i try not to grouch at everyone but sometimes it just gets the better of me and today has been one of those days, in fact i might take my laptop and go lie on my bed and channel surf while i surf the net. i’m in that sort of mood and i need to get some ideas for this months LO comp on SE. i want to try something different this month and the competition is based on a list of ingredients, at least 5 have to be used out of these

 At least 2 Patterned papers
chipboard (I love covering my chipboard with my patterned papers)
Rubons (alpha or decorative)

i want to incorporate the lot, trust me…..anyway i am off to my room where its a dayum site cooler than it is in the lounge.


2 thoughts on “grumpy

  1. Hannah says:

    Oh, we all have days like that, Vicky. I’m having one of those nights tonight, I’m sore and tired and a bit fed up. I’m going to hop off the computer soon and go and read a magazine in bed 🙂
    Hope you’ll be feeling happier in the morning!

    I want to tackle the challenge this month as well. Sounds like fun!

  2. Karen says:

    Good luck with the challenge Gypsykate. We’re having a cool week over in Melbourne at the moment. Hopefully the wind is blowing to the East to send some of it your way.

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