boys vs girls

why is it that doing girls layouts is so much easier than doing layouts for boys? i did a layout last night for Steve, I’ve been mentally planning it for ages but it took hours, i just couldnt get the balance right. its taken me nearly 2 years to complete his first album wheres i have done two for Katie in barely a year. its so much easier to do girly layouts, you can go mad with flowers and alsorts of pretties but boys are so limited, there just isnt the fun funky embellishments for boys that are avaliable for girls. i always end up making things myself or having rather plain layouts. i’m quite pleased with last nights layout though, i used urban lily moody blue paper and black cardstock. and some funky alphas i have had for ages then finished it off with my trusty mm monogram stamps and hologram embossing powder.

was there life before my trusty mm foam stamp collection? i’ve only had them a month or so and use them constantly, they look great no matter what. as well as the monograms i have a smaller alpha set (dont ask me names, cant remeber) and the floral set. i can see me having to invest in other sets, they are so handy i can see why so many of the big name scrap professionals use them.

anyways i am off to charge up my camera so i can take some photos of my latest layouts and my new jar collection to post. laters people!


2 thoughts on “boys vs girls

  1. Hannah says:

    Well I have 2 boys and no girls, so I can’t really say if girlie layouts are easier. I imagine they would be though because you aren’t restricted by any colours or embellishments. Having said that, I love to use flowers on my boy layouts, and I’ve even used pink (but not as the dominant colour).

    I have 3 sets of the MM foam stamps. I have to say I used to use them a lot more than I do now, since I’ve fallen in love with chipboard and tend to use chipboard alphas more than the stamps now. But they are great and very versatile! The floral set is something I definitely want to buy, I’m sure I would use them a lot!

  2. gypsykate says:

    i have used flowers on layouts of all 3 of the kids together but my sons being teenagers take exception to anything vaguely girly. typical boys lol.

    isnt chipboard great to work with, so flexible and versatile. the floral mm stamps are a must have, they are lovely. i love stamping and using them with chipboard and all sorts of things, i have even used them on fabric. i love anything thats versitile like that.

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