i have a remote and i know how to use it

a whole week of just me and the kids….well it was fun for the first few days but i am bored now. Mum and Dad have gone away for the first time since i got sick, Mum was exhausted after 4 months of looking after me and Katie and being there for everyone and she needed a break. not to say she don’t start worrying before they even left lol….and has rung twice since Friday. i think i managed to convince her i was fine.

in truth Katie is so tiring lol….she is on the run for the moment she wakes up until the moment i convince her to sleep lol. its amazing how fast she can move when shes not even walking yet lol, she can make it for one end of the house to the other a lot faster than i can. so appart from being tired out by small fry and the normal aches and pains i have been doing amazingly well for my first grab at a return to independence. it may only be for a week but if i can manage on my own it will do my self confidence a lot of good, its taken a bit of a beating lately.

i just hope Mum and Dad come back rested and happy and have a good week down in Kaikoura. and while their away the builder and plumber have finished their jobs in the extension, its nearly finished and we all cant wait.

i now have a vast collection of storage for me scrapbook room, i went to a carboot sale in the weekend and picked up so funky glass jars and vases and a big glass candle holder which i have filled my favourite scrapbook flowers, pinks, greens, blues and purples and its going to look amazing on the shelf above my desk. when it goes up. i have to take some photos of my latest layers too

anyways my eyes keep closeing so its bedtime for me

take care all


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